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67 Minutes Mandela!


Our charity for Mandela

Shaker Events and Shaker BarSchool South Africa have decided to support the Haven Night Shelter.

We at Shaker have decided to make something simple for all Facebook users to give their contribution to our 67 minutes of giving back tomorrow for Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity and since 2008 South Africans have been giving 67 minutes of their time supporting or serving their local community.
The celebration of Mandela Day aims to serve as a global call to action for people to "recognise their individual power to make an imprint and help change the world around them for the better", the Nelson Mandela

The first 67 new likes on Shaker Events Facebook page will mean 67 warm blankets we will deliver to the shelter tomorrow afternoon.

We have set a record target, if we reach 500 new likes on Shaker Events Facebook page we will buy another 200 blankets on top of the 67 blankets

We will be delivering the blankets tomorrow at 15h00, so get those likes in.

Thank you in advance for your support

Photo's will be posted up later this week

The Haven Night Shelter Welfare Organisation
The Haven Night Shelter Welfare Organisationprovides temporary shelter, physical care, social welfare and family re-unification services to adult homeless persons typically described as "street people" or "vagrants" in the Western Cape.
Established in 1978 in Cape Town, South Africa, registered as a Section 21 (a) (Not for Gain) Public Company in 1983. Registered as an Non Profit Organisation in 2000 and as a Public Benefit Organisation in 2004.
“No one should have to live on our streets”
“To get the homeless to a home”

To make available temporary shelter, rehabilitation opportunities, social welfare services, family reunification services, physical care and support to adult people living on the streets who are committed to reintegration.
To reduce the opportunities for people to continue to live on the streets

"There comes a stage in the downward path
of certain human beings at which point,
they literally can no longer help themselves.
At that point someone has to step in and give them a lift;
that is what THE HAVEN tries to do."