Cocktail team building

A fun filled, high-energy alternative corporate team building event.

Learn the fine art of the cocktail bartender and hone in on your cocktail skills with some of the best bartenders in the business. Shaker Events are the leading cocktail team building organisers. Reward your team with a high energy fun-filled corporate team building activity.
Cocktail team building is a fantastic way to engage and strengthen your team, they will be having so much fun they won’t even realise the benefits you are getting out of it!
So whatever your group size or budget, our expert team of account managers will produce a package to meet your needs, in a location of your choice

So Why Team Building?

  • Hands On
    The best way to learn is to do. The corporate team building sessions designed by Shaker are all hands on, to give your group the chance to interact with our professional bartending team as well as with each other.
  • Social Bonding
    Think back to those school yard days…Play time is the perfect time to make friends, strengthen bonds and create trust between a group. The friendships and trust built in a team building session will then reflect into the work environment helping to cement a solid team and reinforced company cultures.
  • Team Strengths
    So you spend 9-5, 5 days a week with your employees or colleagues; you think you know their strengths and weakness? think again… See the strengths of your staff outside their work environment. You may be surprised at how different they are. Give staff a chance to explore their strengths and weaknesses and push the boundaries of their creativity in a safe environment!
  • Appreciation
    There truly is no greater way to feel valued in your job, than to be treated to a day out of the office on the boss! Show your staff they are appreciated by rewarding them for their efforts. Corporate Team Building and Incentives are proven to boost employee morale and as a result productivity levels will increase.
  • Fun
    Pleasure is a powerful motivator, so go on, loosen that tie and have a little fun!

Add On Packages

You can use to keep your staff / clients involved after teambuilding courses, or add-on to any occasion / gap-fillers for conferencing to enhance the atmosphere with a specialised service.

  • Fire Flair Show
  • Cocktail Mobile Bar Services
  • Full Mobile Bar Services
  • Tequila/Rum/Whisky Tasting
  • Company Colored Cocktails
  • And more! (shown in your offerings)

Allan Gray: I highly recommend the Shakers cocktail workshop as a corporate teambuilding activity. Both the workshop and every interaction with Shakers before, during and after the workshop was professional and efficient. Teamwork, interaction as well as creativity was encouraged by all participants all within a fun environment which was created by the proficient facilitators. - It was absolutely amazing thank you so much, I would not change anything you guys are doing

First National Bank - Thank you for Wednesday. We had an amazing time. I will definitely recommend Shaker to the other departments within our Business Unit.

We are ready to host the perfect event for you.